Wood Wick Soy Wax Candles


Wood Wick Soy Wax Candles


Scents are subtle and not to overpowering

✖️ Burn Time: 30-35 Hours

✖️ Product Dimensions: 7cm x 8.4cm

✖️ Capacity: 217ml

✖️ Product comes in a beautiful white box finished with a stunning AHCOLLECTIVEAU black ribbon.

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Wood wick soy wax candles

In today’s busiest era, everyone needs time to relax and heal themselves. What could be a better choice but a peaceful environment with lighted candles to relax mentally? Research shows that the dim light coming from the candles goes directly to the brain after being captured by the sight. The association between body and light starts relaxing the body! Sounds interesting! Where enjoying a lighted candle can be a relaxing experience for you, choosing one can be a tough one. One may get confused while choosing the right candle among so many types of candles. Wood wick soy wax candles can be a good choice to start with.

Why Wood wick soy wax candle?

The foremost feature that you should consider while going for a soy wax candle is that it is eco-friendly. It comes from soybeans and being plant-based makes it a renewable product. It burns slowly, making it an economical option for you.

Where to find the best Wood Wick Soy wax candles?

There may be many online and offline stores where you can find soy wax candles but not everyone sells best! We have found the best and most reliable online store for you! Ah Collective is an online gift shop providing high quality products to its customers. A rapidly growing home based business, Ah Collective has some satisfied customers on board.

Why Ah Collective?

Making a purchase at Ah Collective can be a special and satisfying experience for you. With a production capacity of 217ml, the product has a long burning time of 30-35 hours. The feature that distinguishes Ah Collective from other stores is that products you are expected to receive come in amazing packaging. An attractive white box with a pretty black ribbon makes the overall experience extra special for you!

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